SriLankan Airlines to resume services to Paris and Frankfurt

SriLankan Airlines will resume services to Frankfurt and Paris in the near future, State Minister of Tourism Promotion Affairs and Aviation, Arundika Fernando said.

“We started the discussion with the Civil Aviation Sector to restart at least two flights from Germany and one of the destinations in Europe,” Fernando said whilst addressing a media conference in Colombo today (21).

The conference was held in the presence of Chandra Wickramasinghe, the Chairman and Managing Director of Connaissance de Ceylan and Theme Resorts & Spas, Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority,  Michelle Salaün, the Chairman of Salaün Holidays.

“We have already submitted a proposal in this regard. So if we start this flight service to Germany and France. We can continue doing so.” Minister noted.

SriLankan airlines announced that it would suspend its flights to Frankfurt and Paris in October and November 2016 respectively.

Accordingly, the last flights between Frankfurt and Colombo (UL 553/554) operated on October 30, while UL 563/564 of November 6, 2016, concluded the operations between Paris and Colombo.
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