Update on Sri Lankan's residing in Wuhan China

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Colombo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hubei Province is providing necessary advice to the Sri Lankan students in Wuhan to protect them from infection.  The Sri Lankan students have been advised to adhere to health precautionary instructions given by the local health authorities. Since the Wuhan city is closed down, no one can exit or enter the city.

The Embassy is also in close consultation with the Beijing based foreign Embassies particularly our neighbouring countries, with regard to the course of action being taken about their citizens in Wuhan.

Initially, there were around 85 Sri Lankan students in Hubei Province, however, most of them had returned to Sri Lanka for the holidays before the outbreak of Coronavirus. In the event of a necessity for evacuation, the Embassy in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Colombo and other agencies of Government, are making preparations for the students and their family members numbering 30.

The Embassy in Beijing, and the Consulate Generals in Shanghai and Guangzhou are making coordinated efforts to provide necessary information to Sri Lankans around China.

[Embassy of Sri Lanka | Beijing]
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